12 Years a Slave

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan May 28, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw #12YearsASlave. A calm, clear-eyed, detailed disquisition on the institution of slavery. Also, a time-fractured, hallucinatory horror film …

… Also, mad as hell.

#12YearsASlave says that nominal decencies (the Cumberbatch character), operating in the midst of systematic iniquities, are still, actually …

… indecent.

#12YearsASlave. Is this kind of thing, this kind of Institution, strictly a thing of the past? Listen: http://bit.ly/1ABkggQ

#12YearsASlave. I encourage you to compare this film to poor, dumb, well-meaning, evil-smelling Song of the South.

#12YearsASlave. What consequence, having all of these Anglo/African-Americans working above the line? No sentimentality, no false uplift!

#12YearsASlave. A slow-motion snuff film! Slavery as slaughterhouse, a decades-long death camp, set to the rhythm of the passing seasons …

… Antebellum languor, & a sense of constantly impending, awful jeopardy.