Inferno II

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Tweet Review by Dean Duncan Jun 10, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw Robert Zemickis’ #Flight. Actors!

#Flight. The plane crash!

#Flight. Zemeckis’ films often flip between clarity & overly. Here, w’ those awful, overused musical cues, it’s decidedly the former.

#Flight. Razzles plenty, but it’s also good on the hard & the slow. Denzel W. is a one man melodrama: …

… good guy & bad guy, heroism & degradation all in one.

#Flight. Not only great on the agonies of addiction, but on the long hard roads of repentance. That “God help me!” …

… makes for a climax similar to, worthy of Frank Borzage’s great salvation parable, Strange Cargo.

#Flight. Heads-up, correspondents: this film deserves its rating.