Duck Soup to Nuts

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jul 13, 2015

Another hunting picture, though of course this one pre-dates the classic Bugs ‘n Daffy trilogy. Daffy is swimming with some real ducks in that pond. “I’m gifted,” he says. He shows Porky how he can act. He sure can! A good phrenology gag, which is not something too many films can say. “I have no bumps on my head.” Porky drains the slough and finds Daffy, flopping like a very convincing fish. Here’s an eagle/pig version of that old pronoun trouble. Daffy says goodbye to his weeping family, which turns out to be made up of a bunch of cigar smoking fakers. What remarkable cynicism in a kids’ film, and not too incidentally a good demonstration of the manipulations that narratives get up to. Salubrious too! The music is also, similarly duplicitous, and they (it’s a Freleng film, after all) call useful attention to the fact.