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A Decade Under the Influence

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jul 10, 2015

A documentary about the groundbreaking American cinema of the 1970s. The array of contributors is impressive, and there’s a reasonable recapitulation of the received wisdom. But as is often or even inevitably the case, you get the impression that some of these people have said this exact same thing before. The subject under review is usually seen as being revisionist or even revolutionary, but that roteness, and the smugness that goes along with, suggests that 70’s cinema is due for a counter-revision. It’s significant, and not so admirable, that the closing credits mostly feature photographs of one of the directors having his picture taken with luminaries of the period. Good clips. Powerful period. So much harsh, even noxious material!

Jon Voight’s shares a tender recollection about Hal Ashby that is very touching.