A Story Well Spun

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jun 1, 2015

I’ve read Guy’s autobiography. It’s very good, very interesting. It’s not too long, and though full of interesting details, doesn’t really detail the work at all. Especially given that she did so very much work. (Not suprisingly, though you wouldn’t necessarily lump them together, the same goes for Mary Pickford and her memoir.)

We need some biographical data on this woman! Is this film an assignment? Is she corresponding with or working out of established comic conventions? Is there something personal going on? We have a pretty simple joke or scenario, and Miss Guy/and associates don’t do much with it. The drunkard rolls around in that barrel. Some of the shots as they develop this comic (sadistic) situation are really nice (z axis), some of the settings or situations are cool—that lady really got walloped on that bike! Then again, some are pretty wan.