The Elements II

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All is Lost

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan Jun 18, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw #AllIsLost. Elemental setting, & a plot devoted exclusively to process. Just nouns & verbs, but such evocation …

… in the wake of that simplicity! Salutary, inspiring.

#AllIsLost slots in as part of a great, now underserved tradition: … Captain’s Courageous. Conrad’s “Youth.” The Sea Wolf. 

… Hemingway, Huston, Mowat, Craighead George, Paulsen, etc. In our comfortable affluence we forget the irreducible realities …

… These narratives serve as important correctives, even antidotes. For example:

#AllIsLost. That last list was a mere tip, & there’s actually a whole iceberg. Check this out:

#AllIsLost. Catastrophe, vulnerability, resolve & resourcefulness, exhaustion, extremity & deliverance. (Cf. Gravity!) …

… Intended or not, this superb old guy makes it tough not to read the film as a (superb) parable about raging against the dying of the light.

#AllIsLost. Hints & potshots? W’ regard to storage bins & big ships, maybe it’s not that global capitalists don’t care …

… but that global capitalism can’t control, doesn’t even understand the consequences of its actions & mindsets.