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Amy Muller

Film Review by Dean Duncan May 27, 2015

Amy Muller was a vaudeville danseuse, but by now she comes to us pretty anonymously, and a bit unremarkably. Wait a minute, though. Abbas Kiarostami did something like this in his 1974 film, The Traveler. He might have gotten it from the collectively authored 1930 German milestone People on Sunday, which probably copped the idea from August Sander’s great photographic opus, People of the 20th Century. In all of these cases, obscure personages step glancingly before the cameras and make spectacular, indelible impressions. Coming back to this little piece, what if everyone came up and make a thirty second film of themselves? Democracy! Or, qua YouTube, rampant dire amateurism. Which is also democracy. Kiarostami, + American Idol?

Miss Muller is charmingly energetic.