George Méliès

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Film Review by Dean Duncan Jun 19, 2015

That is a big candle! That dancing lady becomes a leering beastie. This transformation is undoubtedly just for fun, and maybe some appealingly vain display. But there a lot of materialistic and gender implication, roiling just beneath that surface! There they go again: the beastie has now become a convincing ghost. Now that ghost is blurring in positively Norman-McLaren fashion. A few reviews back I was making comparisons between Méliès and Shakespeare’s Cordelia. As these dozens of films become scores, and hundreds, he’s now starting to look a bit like Shakespeare himself. What do I mean by that? Well, have you ever read Timon of Athens? Run-of-the-mill! Run-of-the-mill, that is, until you go through it with your heart and your red pencil. Look back after you’ve finished. Even their most perfunctory efforts are full of the most amazing things.