Ideology II

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Ballad of a Soldier

Draft Review by Dean Duncan Jun 9, 2015

Starts clunkily, promises annoyingness as all the narrative obstacles promise tragic missed connections, which subject one is accustomed to from nihilistic modernisms, but which seems less palatable in such socialist romanticism as this–with the modern form such an approach seems almost obligatory, whereas here it just feels sappy and indulgent; still, one is half won over, if the young hero is dull, then the heroine is at least prettily dull, the caddish young soldier guarding the train car is funny and the climax of his participation, when his “beastly” officer busts him for being such a jerk, is satisfying, the accidental separation of the couple is unexpectedly regretted, their chance reunion unexpectedly rejoiced over, the last goodbye brings good romantic sensations, and the only-5-minutes visit to the home village ends up being pretty wrenching after all