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Beware of Barnacle Bill

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jun 16, 2015

These Popeye cartoons are so good! Vast substance for the scholar and the sociologist—see what these bursts of joyful vinegar have, that the contemporary Disney shorts don’t (cf. our Silly Symphonies cluster)—deep and consecutive joy for the entire family. Ad copy always says stuff like that that. But this isn’t ad copy. This is family-tested.

So many compilations! Where does one turn, or rather what does one buy? This: http://bit.ly/1MPykog. You might as well add volumes 2 and 3, while you’re at it.

Hint: press the subtitle button. You won’t otherwise understand some of the hilarious these actors—often off the cuff—come up with. When you understand, you may not actually believe they just said that.

The Popeye musicals are really top-rate. Fascinating Olive! And so inconstant! Therefore, it’s quite great how Popeye dumps her at the end, then quite great how suspiciously resilient she is about it. “I’ve lost the navy. But there’s still the army…”