Anxiety III

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Bringing Up Baby

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan Sep 29, 2014 @deanduncan63

Saw #BringingUpBaby. We’re laughing, but think about it. Mightn’t the oppressive decorum of Grant’s sphinctural fiancée …

… and Hepburn’s entropic disorder both be equally awful?

#BringingUpBaby. Seen from a certain angle, maybe w’ your eyes all a-squint, this blithe & joyful comedy …

… is an awful lot like Raymond Chandler/Billy Wilder’s, even more James Cain’s #DoubleIndemnity! Woman as Things Falling Apart …

… woman as annihilator of man!

#BringingUpBaby. Or, we could sustain the now standard view, which is that this sweet & life-affirming film is one of the glories of the entire medium. Done!