Broom-Stick Bunny

Film Review by Dean Duncan May 31, 2015

The UPA-ish backgrounds are the most interesting thing here. Since this is 1956, and the UPA started a long time ago, there’s nothing very ground-breaking in the similarity. Interesting though. One rabbit’s clavicle, eh? Broom-Stick Bunny demonstrates more of the WB’s happy refusal to reduce vocabulary. There’s a staircase part of the central chase that is positively Escher-like—really stunning, if really glancing. I like the gunshot noise they use every time the witch takes off. Her run is very funny, as are the cartoon eyes that Bugs does for just a second there. A poke at Disney, one assumes. “You remind me of Paul, my pet tarantula.”

The witch’s transformation into a beautiful girl, who is then wolfishly pursued by the genie of the mirror—theretofore quite funny—is disappointing. This is for kids, but not necessarily suitable for kids.