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Captain Phillips

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan May 21, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw #CaptainPhillips. Partly a good guy/bad guy movie, productively problematized by other/further binaries (north/south, have/haven’t).

#CaptainPhillips. Freshens the old White Heat/Strangers On a Train device of antagonists converging. This stark antagonism …

… is mitigated by a fair sketching of both sides’ contexts, a considerable procedural detailing of the way that both sides work.

#CaptainPhillips. US as the world’s commercial traveler, the world’s humanitarian, the world’s sheriff …

… Inspiring to see the US take care of its own! We might wonder if the US isn’t also something of a hog & a bully …

… sometimes. Piracy condemned/piracy explained.

#CaptainPhillips. It’s Greengrass-y, until the really stunning conclusion. Foes dispatched pitiably. Hanks & the nurse!!