Come Clean

Film Review by Dean Duncan Sep 10, 2015

Come Clean is a lot like Chickens Come Home. Femmes Fatales at hand! These boys are not quite capable of anything too noir, and their genial, equitable relations with the comediennes appearing in their films is anything but misogynist. (The shrewish types that these comediennes sometimes play, on the other hand, do productively complicate that equation.) But the prefiguration is still very interesting.

Having said that, we would now just like to quote a bit. Stan, talking to the ice cream man: “What flavours have you got?” Ice cream man: “Strawberry, pineapple and vanilla. What flavour do you want?” Stan: “Chocolate.” The ice cream man informs Stan that, as mentioned, he does not have chocolate. Stan: “What other flavours are you out of?”

Ollie wants to know where his companion is. “Where’s Stanley?” “He’s in the bathroom, taking a bath.” “Couldn’t he wait until Saturday?”