Drip-Along Daffy

Film Review by Dean Duncan May 31, 2015

This is the first in a number of Porky/Daffy genre spoofs. “Western type hero. Comedy relief.” Michael Barrier points out the importance of these two not being antagonists. That’s very interesting. This seemingly small shift actually changes everything, as now it’s parody as much as conflict that motivates and directs the distribution of gags. It makes for a whole different experience for a spectator.

Hey. It’s Utah! The lawless exposition montage is very funny. The High Noon angles in the shootout are terrific. Except that this came out before High Noon! This production collective not only knows their movies, and uses that knowledge for the purposes of effective parody. They know their movies such that they are completely adept as movie craftsmen. The streetcleaner close is comfortingly predictable. Harmless vulgarity, with some significant social subversion bundled in alongside it.