Early to Bet

Film Review by Dean Duncan May 31, 2015

This score is very good. Now they’re using “We’re in the Money,” from Golddiggers of 1933! Which WB produced, of course. In this picture we have this gambling bug in his native habitat, plus a compulsive cat and a punishing dog that talks like Sheldon Leonard. It’s cool when they try to develop new characters, or do one-offs. It feels less calculated, less franchised. Still, it would seem that it’s pretty tough to make a success out of scratch. (Of course, this was once the challenge facing Bugs and Daffy, and the rest of the stars in this firmament. But their developmental process, the false steps and leaps forward are obscured by history and marketing and all. Now they come to us as faits accompli.)

Blues in the Night! This wheel of penalties apparatus is promising! The gesundheit gag that emerges out if it is elaborate, but not funny. The Wm. Tell gag is not elaborate, and not funny. Roll out the barrel works very well. Think of it as a sketch or study that you see down in the museum’s archives, when taking a break from the masterpieces upstairs.