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Fantastic Voyage

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan Jul 18, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw #FantasticVoyage. Vividly recollected from childhood, & it very much stands up to, even increases in the face of adult scrutiny.

#FantasticVoyage is kind of a sheep & goats film, special fx-wise. If you’re a slave to digital verisimilitude, you might not appreciate, or even get it …

… However, if your heart is open & your soul generous, if you’re imaginatively self-sufficient & sensitive to the operation & power of fable …

… then you might just be in for a really rapturous time!

(#FantasticVoyage. That last little coupled tweetlet wasn’t exactly fair, was it?)

#FantasticVoyage. Take two: you gotta suspend your disbelief, à la S.T. Coleridge. Having done that, what rewards!

#FantasticVoyage is a great Cold War artifact. It’s not only in the central situation & conflict, but also, say, in the Arthur Kennedy …

… & Donald Pleasance characters, in the pompous God-defender & the bald & chinless Commie mole. Not exactly fair either!

#FantasticVoyage. You may note that Raquel Welch does not exactly have a lot to do here.

#FantasticVoyage. My brother and I always thought that in the end the bad guy was killed by a marauding mass of mucus.  Alas, not quite.