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Fast & Furious 6

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan May 5, 2014 @deanduncan63

This is a report from Idaho, where I am visiting, and evidently feeling confused & disoriented. This must be why I just saw #FF6 …

… I must also have been tempted by all the Howard Hawks comparisons I kept hearing. Feel that Howard Hawks comparisons are greatly exaggerated …

… Groups, yes, but where is HH’s calm & clarity & profundity? Was grateful, though, for the grandfolks sitting behind me whose running commentary …

… cleared up all the parts I was confused by. So what did I think? Selah: …

#FF6. This film clearly isn’t made for me, but I can see how it might appeal to its actual constituents. But still, I wondered …

… who fed this movie all those amphetamines?

… why does that one young woman have that one sour expression on her face for the entire whole time?

… why does the dialogue sound like it’s made up of the dumbest punch lines from the worst James Bond movies?

… I don’t know about you, but I thought I noticed a good deal of unmotivated camera movement.

… was grateful at one point to see a shot of the Parliament buildings. This helped me to understand that we were in London. Or Ottawa.

… why do male-to-male interactions feel like an LDS church basketball game, in which the contemptible old fat guys are on the brink of throwing punches?

… why is the emotional tone like unto when young men hug each other, but do it assaultively, so as not to demonstrate any actual tenderness?

… somehow the family/baby parts don’t quite seem earned or authentic. Didn’t they learn anything from The Pacifier?

… why does that one large bad guy keep making the Jaws noise from The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker?

… was Vin Diesel that large Nazi that got dispatched by the helicopter blades in Raiders of the Lost Arc?

… Hey! One of the female fast & furious people seems to have gotten killed.

… hate to be a fuddy-duddy, but #FF6 bears more than just a passing resemblance to this dangerous, calamitous document/idea …

… (think that Spanish highway …) :

Two days have passed. I continue to be haunted by #FF6 …

… Noticed that Duane The Rock Johnson has a great big tattoo on his arm. This does not seem appropriate for a Canadian person.

… As I reflect back, I’m not sure that that mid-air human collision part on the Spanish highway would ever actually work.

… Who is that one guy, in the car?

… The forehead jokes were kind of funny.

… Hey! They killed that one girl from Haywire. This made me angry, for I like her.

… That is one extraordinarily long runway!