George Méliès

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Faust and Marguerite

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jun 19, 2015

As before, as often with these dear films, it feels like someone needs to invent a new, more naturalistic style of acting. Great devil/Mephistopheles costume. What else is new? After Marguerite rebuffs Faust the villagers—just out of church?—embark on a charming dance. I love this guy!

This is an extremely important character, isn’t it? A virtuous girl. Who errs, but is still basically virtuous. And no one considers that possibility anymore. Unfair, but sociologically explainable. Theologically explainable, even. That would be another valid part of the cautionary discourse kids, another reason to behave ourselves. And another example of life’s immemorial and multi-fronted unfairness to young women.

Great use of the trap when Faust get carried inferno-ward. Marguerite’s ascent is lovely, in execution and concept. Cherubim and Seraphim!