French Rarebit

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jul 13, 2015

Bugs starts out as an Innocent Abroad, or maybe just as a plain ignoramus. It’s not a tension, an irony, or a paradox. It’s more a miscalculation. His status seems to be less crafted, less calculated than often, or generally. McKimson? This may relate too much to reputation, or maybe to our auteurist-inflected sentiments about Jones and Friz and the like. But sometimes he does seem less inspired, less funny. This one does anyway. It’s certainly kind of shabbily drawn. Two French chefs battle over the bunny. “What you got in the tureen?” At this point Bugs assumes the role of Kurosawa’s Sanjuro, in Yojimbo, craftily playing both unjustified sides against each other. Some face pull! The bit where Bugs prepares the dark chef for stewing is quite good. He just sits still, through the entire thing—very L&H. The chefs’ last, post-being-blown-up song is very funny.