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Funny Little Bunnies

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jul 6, 2015

Nice one, and after the pattern of the Santa’s Workshop-type Silly Symphonies that I evidently prefer. As with several of those sweetest Sillies, story here is replaced by a combination of happy process and multiple micro gags. Now what is my problem again, and what would be my preference in the face thereof?

Well, simply, Grimm-like tales depend and often thrive on conflict, even unto violence. That can actually be okay. Complicatedly, but definitely. So why is it so annoying when Disney goes in this direction? Probably because their conflict is almost always merely melodramatic, and not at all mythical. Not much nuance, in other words, either on the protagonistic or the antagonistic side. When that happens the violence with which conflict is so often resolved in these circumstances hasn’t much feeling to it, save maybe the triumphant feeling you get when the fine player on the opposing team gets knocked out of the game with a concussion, and you feel really happy about it.

Anyway, Funny Little Bunnies and its like-minded mates doesn’t go in for that kind of thing. It has good gags (crazy paints, icing firing squads, a really funny, uber-laying corps of chickens) leading carefully up to the assembling of these really lovely Easter baskets. Wish fulfillment, without avarice, or even Arabian Nights impossibility/poignancy. Kids like candy, and this film gives it to them. As is our obligation, we point out to you that there is another blackface joke in this one. (As this issue comes up every little bit, let me re-link you to this re-post that we had cited elsewhere: