Gee Whiz-z-z-z-z-z-z

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jul 13, 2015

These Roadrunner/Coyote backgrounds are already starting to look really stylized. To add to the illusion-breaking, a truck pulls in the opening credit card, and a box with Chuck Jones’ name on it lands on and crushes the coyote.

They’ve certainly got a franchise going here, with all of the confidence and self-reference that the word implies. The fishing rod/TNT/ boulder gag is especially good. The batman costume—note the always pleasant bagginess of our main character—is so fondly remembered, and stands up when revisited. He plummets, he is narrowly saved, he ascends quite gloriously. Now there’s a contained, close-following right to left track as the coyote takes three confident wingbeats. The predictable/inevitable cliff appears, with perfect timing and execution. Like Daedalus, or even the apostle Peter? Yes he fell, but for a minute there, the Coyote was flying in the air, walking on water.

There’s another anvil, and another rubber band. This time the bridge-out painting actually lets the coyote in, to his destruction. He makes an attempt with the Acme handle bars and jet motor: elaborate, doomed. Once again, you just knew that he shouldn’t have turned that motor off! Here’s an innovation. The falling Coyote makes a small request. “How about ending this cartoon before I hit?” They do! The cruel author of Duck Amuck shows some tenderness and mercy to his creature. This time.