Go! Go! Go!

Film Review by Dean Duncan Oct 22, 2014

So many ways to discuss these art films! For one thing, Go! Go! Go! is a very dear, bright, cheerful piece of work. It is also a nice prefiguration of, a very nice companion piece to Hilary Harris’s influential 1975 film Organism (q.v.). Where the latter film takes a bird’s or god’s eye view of the city, Mencken gets right down in there. Harris is a bit portentous, and more than a bit pessimistic. For her part, in her film, Mencken seems to love the city, be drawn to its people, and have a less ingenious, more friendly relationship with the camera. Her film has (really) beautiful colour, and really vivid sections that register so strongly despite the accelerated frame rates. The results are really special, feeling simultaneously long past, and absolutely present.

Going, going: http://www.ubu.com/film/menken_go.html