Hare Force

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jul 13, 2015

Warm dog vs. rabbit foundling. Conflict! This is a dog and cat comedy, but there are also some rich echoes relating to the dynamics of sibling rivalry. “I did a bad thing.” There’s some very effective dog abuse going on here. That beating is very funny, with a troubling aftertaste of an early-Bugs type of malice. More importantly, the jokes here are made of space and duration. The conception isn’t enough; you’ve got to execute. Which of course they do. Look at the delay/variation/surprise on that door slam. Bugs does a very funny version of “As Time Goes By.” The tune was owned by Warner Brothers of course, but in this case used in and for more than just commercial reasons.

More tremendous execution. That dog gets him back, good! The war escalates, the pace increases, they’re trading fours, and now twos. It’s all beautifully painted, by the way, making for some wonderful incidentals as well. Notice, for instance, that extended shot of the light on the snow outside. In this shot the direction is as good as the design, though. They just hold and hold, and eventually throw the old lady out. Those are some of the thing that I really liked. You?