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Haunted Spooks

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan May 26, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw H. Lloyd in #HauntedSpooks. As usual, more straining good-willed effort than actual comedy.

#HauntedSpooks. My children want me to revise that last one. They think it’s very funny, and when I watch it w’ ’em, I agree.

#HauntedSpooks. As usual, pt. 2: the gags are very elaborately worked out, very capably & pleasingly staged …

… This goes for Harold’s unsuccessful pursuit of that first young woman. It definitely goes for the fairly astounding suicide attempts …

… that follow his failure. Note the utterly good-natured stereotype of the gesticulating Hebrews gag. (Yes, that’s what I said) …

… It’s really funny!

#HauntedSpooks. The actual haunted part of the story is extremely familiar. Paul Leni would take it on, J.B. Priestley and James Whale …

… Bob Hope, more than once. Scooby Doo. Harold’s take compares quite well, actually.

#HauntedSpooks. You’ll like the electric hair part. Will you like the joke with the little black boy & the flour bin?

#HauntedSpooks. Mildred Davis is a human kewpie doll! We love her.