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Tweet Review by Dean Duncan Jun 10, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw #Her. An adult movie, made searchingly & sincerely. Some adult enactments may not be particularly productive for some populations.

OtoH, #Her adds to & enlivens a pornography conversation that is too often smug & dismissive & man-hating. Dehumanization, yes, in part …

… but there are analogue components too, something of the organic, of the pathetic that’s also poignant, of yearning & deep feeling.

#Her. Paradoxical, dialectical. Multi-tabbing/techno-tasking as analogous to infidelity; hyper-connectedness as evolutionary next-step.

#Her is an important sci-fi milestone, I think. Very well & thoroughly imagined, down to all sorts of surprising & very pleasing details.

#Her. J. Phoenix’s performance is kinda like B. Hoskins’ in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Huge challenge, very well-met.

#Her. Ms. A. Adams’ make-up, or lack thereof. The waist-bands of Mr. J. Phoenix’s trousers!