William Wegman

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I Got …

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jul 15, 2015

Here he is, fully formed from the first. Wegman operates with radically reduced means, betraying no feeling that those reduced means are any kind of disadvantage, or that he might want it otherwise. He has a very healthy, appealing frankness and un-self-consciousness (ie. the presentation of and attitude toward his body). He is one part medium specific, apparatus uncovering modernist, and the other part college cut-up. His courage and confidence are inspiring. The joke is dumb? Full speed ahead. This isn’t arrogance, or obliviousness. It’s plain merriness. What a beautiful quality, and a rare one too. What a cool guy! By the way, the joke in this little piece is dumb, medium-specific—pushing duration, tweaking us with the way the picture and the narration don’t quite seem to match—and funny.