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Il Posto

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan May 21, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw Ermanno Olmi’s #IlPosto. I think this is a perfect film, simultaneously subtle and simple, w’out guile & surpassing wise …

… I most warmly, even urgently recommend it!

#IlPosto is a real milestone in Italian film history. Neo-realist technique & sensibility, but now applied …

… to the economic recovery. Rich ambiguities result. Poverty kills, but a good job can be a mixed blessing!

#IlPosto features a glancing, indelible little romance. It lasts about as long as a lunch hour, but not unlike the girl …

… that Mr. Bernstein saw on that ferry in Citizen Kane, it is such a beautiful & transformative vision as to be utterly unforgettable.