Not Very Nice

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Film Review by Dean Duncan Jul 10, 2015

The original film, and not the remake. (We’ve got nothing inherently against remakes. This is just about the original.) On the plus side, one feels that after seeing this film that one has visited northern Norway in the month of June. The midnight sun is the point of the exercise, and I guess it’s interestingly enough portrayed. Even more basically, what a cool, vivid place!

The movie isn’t without its points. The staging of the last confrontation is quite good. The murderer dies poignantly, elementally (water!), even kind of terrifyingly. And actually, the whole production makes you think in productive ways about the thin line between security and disaster.

But this bad guy chased by a worse cop conceit is getting tiresome, and even rather wicked. There’s no fear or pity in it, and no naturalistic lesson either. There’s not even much in the way of police procedural perspective, or instruction. The two of them just carry on, and on. In the end, I think, this is just a nasty movie.