Ideology I

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Tweet Review by Dean Duncan Jun 9, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw Wm. Wyler/WB’s #Jezebel. The sheer scope of the resources arrayed here, & the skill & affection w’ which they are put into effect, is awesome.

#Jezebel. You can’t get around its problematic ideologies: race, obviously, & gender, more troublingly/insidiously …

… Further, though: you shouldn’t get around the fact that errors or insensitivities in our past expressions …

… can hardly ever completely invalidate said expressions, or the individuals & communities that produced them.

#Jezebel. A shrew-taming, which makes sense & satisfies, in context. Underneath is a much more dire spirit-extinction. Also, Bette Davis!!

#Jezebel. OTOH, on the subject of the dear destructiveness of Southern chivalry (cf. Twain on Walter Scott), this is very knowing & sophisticated.