Pierre Etaix

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Le Grand Amour

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan Jun 16, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw Etaix’s #LeGrandAmour. A serpent seems to have entered this garden. From the director’s divorce, maybe. Before we had homage & history …

… comic craft, & that sweet sensibility. This is still fantastically stylized but its mood (melancholy—sourness, really) now seems much more life-derived.

#LeGrandAmour. Concentrates on transitions, & verbal puns translated to visual terms, to the brink that it jeopardizes, …

… or at least problematizes the way we see things. Lots of jaw-droppers; these guys are prodigiously, profligately imaginative.

#LeGrandAmour. He’s Buñuelian, suddenly. Think the mind-bending, convention-busting turns of ’69, 72, ’74 & ’77 …

… Ah—Jean-Claude Carrière, as common denominator. And Etaix said so all along, didn’t he? Beware temptations toward unmitigated auteurism!