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Le Havre

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan Mar 16, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw Aki Kaurismaki’s #LeHavre. Hilarious, masterfully made, ethically important, very  moving. Run, don’t walk.

#LeHavre really resembles Les Misérables, at the same time inverting it in fascinating & significant ways. Now Cosette (Blondin/Iddridsa) …

… is a victim of immigration policy, Valjean & Thénardier are conflated into one (Wilms/Marx), & Javert (Daroussin/Monet) …

… is not only implacable, but very sympathetically so. Moreover, instead of losing his life, he ends up being redeemed by a pineapple.

#LeHavre. Are those V. Hugo echoes intentional? A very interesting question. Or, who cares? Echoes are echoes, whatever’s intended.

#LeHavre. If Robert Bresson had been a rock ‘n roll-loving chain smoking curmudgeonly cock-eyed idealistic ex-pat Finn …

… then this is the kind of movie he would have made. Praise enough? Great, great movie!