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Les Misérables

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan Mar 16, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw #LesMisérables (2012). Appreciated the live vocals. Makes it into a musical/concoction and a performance documentary …

… bringing it somewhat into this exhilarating, live-wire realm:

#LesMisérables brought to mind J. Mankiewicz/MGM’s Guys & Dolls (’55), another film complicated & deepened by the presence of non & semi-singers.

#LesMisérables. Snark & bile bug me. Leave Russell Crowe alone! Brought his customary physical force …

… sang reasonably & resolutely what little melody the score gave him, communicated his character’s constancy & intransigence …

… and his agonizing change of heart as well. Plus, he contributed another one of what’s becoming a litany of superb screen deaths.

#LesMisérables. Musicals are ridiculous. So is resisting gravity, entropy & the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Try anyway! A noble source, nobly served.