William Wegman

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Light Trails

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jul 15, 2015

Very Norman McLaren. This is a formalist exercise/demonstration, but we know about Wegman’s playful sensibility, and feel it in the vicinity. This causes us to register the play of light on black surfaces, or in darkness, as well as the persistence of vision that video activates. But since Wegman never works with abstraction alone, Light Trails also causes us to seek human agency, and personality. The light goes on and we discover that it’s the dog, running around in the dark. As often, the light bulb goes on. As infrequently, there’s a little bit of a horror movie catch to it. Particularly because it goes on a tad long. Our genial host, being slightly sadistic? Let’s say that it’s an exercise in duration, and the discipline it requires and rewards.