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Little Big Man

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan Aug 21, 2014 @deanduncan63

Saw#LittleBigMan. It is very well served by its picaresque approach. Episodes multiply antically; historical & moral heft accumulates at the margins.

#LittleBigMan, in which the whites are as ridiculously caricatured as the Indians used to be. Serves ‘em/us right, I guess …

… In this it’s kinda #SovietCinema (cf. its laughably villainous fat capitalists). Now, of course, it’s Custer and all he represents that become the bad guy…

… The corrective is appropriate, but are we just carrying over all the enmity, all the inappropriate from the previous regime? Inversion notwithstanding, don’t all the previous hierarchies & problems remain?

#LittleBigMan is instructively, fascinatingly 1970. Look at Alberta & Montana though, quietly & vastly punifying all of that sociological, ideological striving.