Long-Haired Hare

Film Review by Dean Duncan May 31, 2015

A nice bit of hi/lo, more or less remaking Disney’s The Band Concert, as well as anticipating Avery’s Magical Maestro. (There’s some One Hundred Men and a Girl/Fantasia stuff going on here too.) It’s in the respective tunes that Bugs and Giovanni Jones—love the name!—are singing, and the way that Bugs’ keep winning out. You can’t keep pop impulse down! And why would you want to?

As with The Band Concert, as well as Little Red Riding Rabbit, the trickster character twists the long hair in knots. I love how Bugs has Giovanni doing high kicks while he sings “What Do They Do on a Rainy Night in Rio.” The concert sequence beautifully pays off the exposition that went before. Some comeuppance! Also, with such lovely impertinence, “Leopold!”