Stan Brakhage II

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Film Review by Dean Duncan Jun 18, 2015

At ten minutes length, this film uses a ton-of-a-lot of paint! Some of that paint is extraordinarily thick too, unto three dimensions. One productive consequence is that we are now not thinking about the film itself, but the means and conditions of its exhibition. How did they get this through the projector?

There’s a very nice, very dear sexual subtext to Lovesong, and it makes a lot of sense too. The concept is clear, but as experienced in and throughout the film, it proves to be elusive. At this length, and this level abstraction, how the visuals do anything but run rampant over our eyeballs? Music has motifs, or movements, developments and recapitulations. Actually, this does too, visually speaking. Are you like me? Maybe not, but my eye cannot retain like my ear can, such that my brain goes on to have difficulty keeping track of it all.