Fairy Tales II

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Tweet Review by Dean Duncan May 29, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw #Mama. Very cool pre-credit sequence. Made me think of Raising Arizona. Hurrah, precocious young cinéastes!

#Mama. Some implausibility, like Jessica Chastain as a punker. Who cares? I loved this one!

#Mama really echoes Agee/Laughton’s (Cortez’s!) Night of the Hunter. Here the males, whether murderous or magnanimous …

… are basically ineffectual. Shelley Winters comes back as Robert Mitchum! The Lillian Gish figure, as essayed by Ms. Chastain …

… is very ambivalent about being the salvific female. This makes her travail & sacrifice that much more moving.

#Mama. These children are a lot more convincing than John & Pearl, aren’t they? “It’s a hard world for little things.”

#Mama. That kid should have died at the end of How to Train Your Dragon, right? This tougher ending feels right …

… mythologically speaking.

#Mama. Very nice mix of ghost story and fairy tale. Fearsome revenant is a life saver, loves deeply, & knows not what she does.