Master of the House

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan May 29, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw #MasteroftheHouse. A stirring dramatization of the ordinance of the washing of the feet! God among the saucepans, as St. Teresa said.

#MasteroftheHouse. Or, Carl Dreyer’s take on HC Andersen’s Wild Swans, w’out magic or transformations …

… Woman as saviour/woman as martyr.

#MasteroftheHouse. Just as perceptive in its withering, punitive, & then finally atoning account of patriarchal manhood, ca. mid-’20s.

#MasteroftheHouse. Ca. mid-’20s, I said. How ’bout now? Serves just as much as reproof, warning & promise to contemporary Man.

#MasteroftheHouse. Value-added: what an amazing record, a documentary practically, …

… of the gadgets, mechanisms & domestic arrangements that prevailed in bourgeois households of yore!