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Melvin and Howard

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan May 5, 2014 @deanduncan63

Saw Jonathan Demme’s #Melvin&Howard. That opening sequence w’ Robards & Le Mat, is funny, perceptive, poignant, perfect.

#MelvinandHoward. Distinguished by great generosity toward its flawed, failing, always deeply loved characters. Melvin/Le Mat is befuddled …

… benighted, conspicuously hard-done-by; patient, resilient, always on the bright side—practically a folk-tale youngest son, or a holy fool …

… Lynda/Steenburgen! Wayward, wanton even, & most surpassingly, inspiringly sweet. You can condemn, carefully, but of whom can you ever, fully, disapprove?

#MelvinandHoward. Dabney Coleman’s judge character, who is doubtless a Mormon, and a straw Mormon at that, is the conspicuous …

… is the sole exception to this pattern of laudable generosity. Cheap shot!