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Film Review by Dean Duncan Jun 2, 2015

Good one. Simple in concept and execution (except the doubling of their main actor; how do they do that?!), but multiple in implication. Here’s sci-fi, in other words, working like it should. Beneath the fanciful speculation and the techno-geekery are great insights about important things. Like in this one, the ethics and particularities of cloning. Two-for-one: there are also some superb insights relating to immigration and such. And corporations, of course. The Gertie/computer character, voiced by Mr. Spacey, is a great variation or extension of HAL, and the face graphic adds a piquant and then poignant edge to the whole thing. Seemingly lacking in the human, until he surprises us. Not through sentimentality, but because it’s the logical thing to do. So, ethics too. Also, kudos to the makeup man. On another front, or on the other hand, movie profanity is starting to weary me.