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Tweet Review by Dean Duncan Aug 29, 2014 @deanduncan63

Saw #ParaNorman. Great lookin’, w’ a nice message. The Other ≠ Monster/Sociopath. Or …

… as the Bible so anciently & toweringly states:

#ParaNorman is also quite clearly, quite effectively a post-California Proposition 8 text. Consider: “… I didn’t ask to be born this way…”, etc. etc.

W’ its political context/subtext, I also find #ParaNorman to have a nice message, rather dubiously or duplicitously stated …

… Behind all of its craft & ingratiation we have straw-man straights, tormenting heroic, even/eventually life-saving difference.

#ParaNorman. Are some of you thinking that’s just what Prop 8 proponents are, & what they deserve? Fair enough …

… A question, though. Will sneering antagonism help the conversation? Or help young viewers see things more subtly & fairly?

#ParaNorman. Ends very well! For another nice message, ’08 political parallels, & skillfully/sneakily rhetorical rendering see Monsters vs. Aliens (2009).