Tweet Review by Dean Duncan Jul 29, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw Gilles Carle’s #Patinoire, which suggests, which practically proves that professionals, corporations & marketing notwithstanding …

… the best & deepest & most beautiful winter recreation is plain, simple, local, & utterly uncommercial (all those bright Habs sweaters aside!).

#Patinoire. Speaking of the Habs, this is as dear & delightful as Roch Carrier’s much more celebrated The Sweater.

#Patinoire. This rink is so unblemished by Mammon as to register, practically, as pre-lapsarian. Too Judeo-Christian? Make it the Golden Age.

#Patinoire. Lesage was in, we’re told that the Quiet Revolution was well underway. But this rich vision of timeless tradition & plenitude …

… has me feeling an almost painful nostalgia for the Quebec of M. Duplessis.

#Patinoire. That one kid, times 3.

#Patinoire. Watch the little girl at the end, ministering to the other, littler girl. Matthew 19:14!

#Patinoire. I most warmly & urgently recommend that you see this film!