Osamu Tezuka

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Pictures at an Exhibition

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jul 10, 2015

The whole of the Coen brothers’ oeuvre, all in one anthology film! The point of the exercise seems to be to try and to show a wide range of styles and, sort of, the sensibilities that go along with them. (And as to my earlier reference, the Coens’ filmography doesn’t always seem to cohere as a whole, until you consider that surveying a wide range of options is actually their centre point.) As is standard for this artist, and as is appropriate for the idiom at this stage in its history, the film is split between dramatic aptness and plain spectacle. This is what I, and this is what the animation idiom can do! Most apt, and the variety on display is very impressive.

Me? It? Me? At one point these various parts mount up to the point of being indistinguishable. Could it be that thirty-two minutes is a bit long for an assembly like this? Or that I need to do some more mental and historical working out, before I make an attempt like this?