The Three Stooges

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Restless Knights

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jun 29, 2015

I suggest that we all keep an eye on Curly’s costumes. There are a couple of nice camera moves here, and even a composition illuminated by Rembrandt (obscured in-frame source) light. They slip on that rug really beautifully. The queen gets tossed on to her rear end, and, later, knocked on the head. It occurs to me that this is one way out of the chivalric conundrum, in which the woman becomes mere sacred vessel, lacking any autonomy or even personality. That wrestling sequence is typically and happily too long. Of course Curly has to get the bad guys to chase him, while the other two take care of them. One, two, and the third instance goes wrong. It’s not right or fair to accuse this of being predictable. I’d say rather that it’s musical, or architectural.

Does the final failure of their rescue bid suggest anything about the tenuousness and vulnerability of our modern lives? Probably not.