Saharet Performs the Bolero

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jun 1, 2015

Directorially, this material starts to echo, or rather anticipate Charlie Chaplin. It’s not necessarily fancy, but it’s quite sufficient to the task at hand. It’s what’s going on in front of the camera that counts! Here is some more pretty stenciling. Here is a really nice exploration/exploitation of a surprisingly small physical stage or space. Best of all, here is the most impassioned, skillful, joyful dancing ever. Man! What exquisite balance. There’s a main couple, and two supplemental ladies, and some decorative people in the back. There’s a performative or dramatic hierarchy, but these different ranks or levels also communicate with and give way to each other. They are performing, but they also appear to be utterly immersed, in the dance, their roles, the pure craft and physicality of it. At one point the main lady slips just a bit, then continues, unfazed. Some ending! Electrifying.