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Santa’s Surprise

Film Review by Dean Duncan Apr 1, 2015

No big studio, no big distributor. This is Poverty Row, in fact. Pretty good, too. Think of all the obscure things we miss out on. This one even Features Jack Mercer and Mae Questel! Santa’s Surprise a combination love letter and dream come true for the Santa fans in the audience. They join the main characters in a visit to Santa’s workshop. The salutary variation is that this isn’t a sugar-plum vision. Everyone is there to help, and the film nicely splits the difference between visions of avarice and the fact that you have to earn your rewards. More, that service should eventually become more pleasurable than being paid for it.

There are ethnic stereotypes everywhere, and they’re all good ones. It’s not caricature that does the damage, it’s when caricature isn’t balanced by reality and complexity. I don’t think that the Dutch consolate need get upset over this one.

I’m offended!