Osamu Tezuka

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Film Review by Dean Duncan Jul 10, 2015

Do you remember the surrealists’ exquisite corpses? It’s a game played with language, or with images, by having a first person write or draw, and then having the second follow without reading or looking at the first entry. Automatic writing results, automatically (as it were). Amusing disjunctions and unexpected correspondences result too.

Tezuka is riffing on this idea, and running it on a horizontal axis. Disjunctions and correspondences are both in evidence. They’re not real exquisite corpses though, in the same way that the miraculously spontaneous-feeling cartoons that we love aren’t really spontaneous. Animation is too labour intensive, too gut-busting to allow for anything so natural or organic.

Hats-off, then, to the amazing artists and craftspeople, like Tezuka, who somehow manage to create those impressions anyway.