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Shadows in Paradise

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan Jul 16, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw #ShadowsinParadise. Surface: barely black-comic miserabilism. Substance: transcendental taciturnity. Funny, believing, beautiful.

#ShadowsinParadise. The setting & the philosophy is obviously utterly other, but the cutting & camera here are very Bressonian.

#ShadowsinParadise. I love how Kaurismaki loves/honours work, & working people. Not so far from Popular Front cinema, actually …

… In this, he’s anticipating the glories of his later, sublime Le Havre (q.v.). Its French 1930s’ roots are quite explicit …

… but this so-called Proletariat Trilogy ( shows that these values were already native to him.

#ShadowsinParadise. A bona fide prince/princess tale, w’ a muted but glorious, utterly sincere happy ending …

… Who wouldn’t want to take his almost mute chain-smoking loved one on a Soviet cruise ship to Estonia?