Sleeping Beauty

Film Review by Dean Duncan May 29, 2015

As in Shelly Duvall. (After you, friends at Wikipedia: Huffy moralists—and there’s definitely a reason to be a moralist, and there are often reasons for huffing!—may well find things to be upset about in this long-running, wide-ranging, appealingly meandering and semi-sloppy series. Consider the extra-textual elaboration from this early episode. It’s a reminder that the source stories often weren’t originally for kids either: the king wanted a story read to him, until the fairy told the queen about a new game they could play. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, said Eric Idle. That Monty Python sketch concerns crass vulgarity, and it’s pathetic or even poignant limitations. Is this crass or vulgar?

That’s for each parent and, yes, child to decide. My answer? Not at all!  It strikes me rather that it’s pre-industrial, partaking of a quality that’s all over Chaucer, for instance. How would living with your parents and an increasing number of siblings, all in a one-room daubed cottage and with the livestock all blessedly breeding outside, effect your sense of morality and propriety? Hey kids, that extra-textual elaboration is where the princess comes from! And you besides, if the parent were to pursue the point. Very healthy, I say.

The prissily effeminate fairy with the beard is very funny.